Explicit Content

Best friends Cassandra Rivers and Leila Aponte aka Sabrina Steelo and Fatal Beauty were a rhyme duo and the best of friends… that is, until shady record label Explicit Content came between them.  

Explicit Content - 2003 Cover

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  • Rosie

    Dear Ms. Quintero,

    I found your book, Explicit Content, at a secondhand bookstore here in Manila, the Philippines. I bought it because, while knowing very little about hip-hop, I love reading stories about women, by women. (And there are few of them in bookstores these days that aren’t written in the same vein as Gossip Girl.) I didn’t think I would like Explicit Content as much as I did. Without a doubt, your book turned out to be one of the best I’ve read this year.

    It kept me very engaged, especially each time Cassandra negotiated her identity and actions as a woman. I study post-colonial feminism, and I was really drawn in by your writing sensibilities when it came to plot points about Cassandra, Leila, Genevieve, Jen, Monica, Yolanda, and Yeribel. I also liked the exposition of conflicts among the male characters, and the Darnell twist. It had just the right amount of romance, noir, and ambiguity to make a completely believable story.

    I think that what I really liked most about your book is how much I could relate to what Cassandra and Leila were going through emotionally, even though we’re not alike at all. I’ve always believed that there’s a connection to be made among women from different backgrounds, because we are all ultimately fighting the same fight. Coming from a developing country where drugs and prostitution have been pressing issues for decades, I could understand the dreams they had and the choices they made.

    I just wanted tell you how grateful I am to you for writing such a well-thought out book, in a time when so many people write fluff to sell copies. When I read that you weren’t a rapper yourself, I almost couldn’t believe it. Your talent is inspirational. I want to write a book someday too, and when I do, I will definitely be thinking about yours.